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Hypno – Doula
Have gentler, calmer birth experience. Whether it is your first birth or fourth, the benefits of HypnoBirthing TM for both mom and baby are astounding! This package combines both the birth and the classes required for parents whom wish to pursue this birthing method. You Doula will conduct private classes at your home over a 5 week period (ideally prior to 35 weeks gestation but can be completed at any time before your baby’s birth) to guide parents through the tools they need to have their optimal birth experience. Once the classes have been completed, you will have time to put your new tools into practice in preparation for the birth of your baby. Your Doula will continue to support you by assisting you to implement these tools during your labour. Helping to ensure you achieve the gentle birth experience you seek.


Belly and Baby
Have the benefit of a birth Doula (birth support services specified on our birth and postpartum page) as well as 45 hours of postpartum support over a 3 week period. Your Doula will attend with you for the entire duration of your labour and birth; from the moment you decide you need her with you. Once home, your Doula will attend over 3 days (Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) to provide you with the support you need most during this period (postpartum support services specified on our birth and postpartum page). Let us help you to gain the confidence you need by giving you the care and comfort you deserve to bring your little one into the world and into your lives.


Sweet Dreams
Gives parents the opportunity to make the adjustment to life as a family more smoothly and calmly. Perhaps your baby sleeps mainly throughout the day and not at night, or perhaps there is an older sibling that requires you to be alert and rested throughout the day, or better yet, you have been blessed with multiple babies - overnight support can help you to get as much sleep at night so that you can have the endurance to get through your day.  


Whether bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, our Doulas can help to support either of these choices to ensure you get the maximum amount of sleep.


With experienced and compassionate support we can assist with sleep solutions that work best for you and your family. By helping you to identify your baby’s sleep patterns and cues, your Doula is armed with the knowledge to get you through all your postpartum needs including providing emotional support and answering question about newborn care and concerns that may arise.


Single baby, twins, triplets and higher order multiple packages offer savings of $1600.00. (Package rates are based on an 8 hour night from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m.  or 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m., for 5 nights a week (Sunday – Thursday) for 8 weeks. Package length and hours may be amended to suit your support needs.


Wean Me
As with our Sweet Dreams package, this packages gives parents the benefit of maximizing their sleep and teaching them good sleep practices and routines for their babies. This package allows parents to get the most help in the very beginning with a gradual reduction in support to enable parents to have the confidence to manage even the toughest nights, on their own. Over a six week period, the Doula will attend for 5 nights for 2 weeks, 4 nights for 2 weeks and 3 nights for the final 2 weeks. Over this period, our Doulas will give you the confidence you need to handle the most precious moments at night with your baby. Package length and hours may be amended to suit your support needs.



Breastfeeding Support
Have an experienced Doula available to assist with your breastfeeding questions or concerns. She will teach new moms about latch, feeding cues, input and output and optimal positioning for both mom and baby.


Daytime postpartum support packages are based on a 5 hour day between the hours of 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.  Times may be changed to suit your needs; based upon you Doula’s availability.

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